Author: Preston L. Allen-Reviewer: Lillet Williams

Every Boy Should Have A Man

Author:Preston L. Allen
Publisher:Akashic Books
Price:$15.95 hardback /
$15.95 paperback /
$10.69 e-book
Pages:192 pages

Every Boy Should Have a Man gives an alternate, almost fantasylike view of mankind: not as the Oafs, the superior species of earth which is very similar to humans, but rather secondary – as pets and, in some instances, food.  A boy finds a man wandering in the park and he takes him home in hopes that he can hide him long enough to convince his parents to let him keep the man.  But this was no ordinary stray man: he could talk and soon the rightful owner claimed the man and took him home.  The boy’s father, seeing how attached he had become to the man, bought a red-haired female man for him.  The story follows the awkwardness and adventures the boy encounters being from a poor family, yet having a pet that is more common among the wealthy.  The man pets in general seem to be more mentally evolved than what Oafs believe  and as a result Red Sleeves, the boys female man pet, gets into trouble a few times. The story eventually takes an even more interesting turn as it follows the adventures of the female man, who is now fully grown, and not the boy who owns it, who is a teenager still..........

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