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Hi . After not posting for a long time I'm back with a new coupon which you can use to download a free copy of A Weed in Paradise only redeemable at Smashwords its KC29Q  . If you are not a member you will need to sign up  first.



I have participated in many elections as a voter  but the just concluded US Presidential election was the most eventful election in my entire life. My thriller had been tailored for this election and after three years of hard labor,press releases,interviews, research and dismal sales, this was it. The interest in the novel was at first nothing to write about then one morning hoa.... I still remember the  time I saw the dollar$ sign next to my name for the first time in my publisher dashboard page...This reminded me of the first cheque I received as freelancer with The Sunday Nation  during my second year in college.

All you my reviewers, readers and critics thanks for having in one or the other engaged with this project. My next one delves on the return prophecies after the king comes to live among his own...'When the King Returns'


A Weed in Paradise....

A man about whom prophecies have been given.... 
becomes the King in the land of his masters.
Will he finish his leadership assignment?
....Will he return to Africa?
Will his wife be taken by a prince.
Whom the prophets named?
Is that prince waiting in the wings in Kenya today?
Will  he save his people from a demon of blood...?

This is a book every American should read...

If you have  a vote.
Don't vote on November 6,
...Unless you have read it.